I would say now that in the 21st century we are witnessing a new generation of artists who are using various forms of digital art as an essential part of their creative process. In Ray Fiasco’s recent Light and Death series we are seeing an artist using this multimedia genre to produce a series of works with a unique artistic signature that offers new insights into what it means to be young and from a richly diverse heritage background in the UK today

David A Bailey MBE, Director ICF International Curators Forum June 2016

Light & Death is the debut exhibition from British artist Ray Fiasco. Following on from his attendance at the 2015 Venice Biennale on behalf of the International Curators Forum (in collaboration with the British Arts Council). With his post-digital style of contemporary work, Ray occupies an outstanding position among a new generation of emerging British artists. The new exhibition will tackle the ideas of energy, birth, death and rebirth. The imperfect cycle of creation and self discovery.

Fiasco’s work deals with various themes, feelings, emotions and experiences that are fundamental in the shaping of our identities as digital kids in the western world. ‘There is a visual pulse within each piece’, as Ray’s pieces are often driven by the sounds he sees, giving this collection a musical undercurrent. The use of destruction in the creation process is perhaps the most pivotal metaphor in Fiasco’s work, one which the artist believes reflects the world we live in. With this in mind, the art allows us to reflect on our own personal life journeys, conflicts and how we view death and destruction.

“To create anything, something else has to be destroyed’, that is the true nature of change.”

Ray Fiasco

Light & Death Hosted by Digitas LBi in partnership with Asylum 33. 

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